Maritime Law

Our maritime law practice is dedicated to representing injured passengers, crew members and their families for recovery of money damages for injuries and deaths related to accidents involving commercial vessels and recreational boats of all types. “Vessels” include tow boats, crew boats, harbor tugs, cruise ships, casino boats, blue water cargo ships and tankers, trawlers, ferry boats, oil field jack-up rigs, semi-submersibles, drill ships and dredges. Recreational boats include houseboats, yachts, ski boats, personal water craft such as jet skis and ski-doos, fishing boats, sail boats, para-sails, and any other type of boats used for recreation.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act is a federal statute enacted in 1920 which established a negligence remedy against a seaman’s employer for the injury or death of a seaman. The Jones Act specifically incorporates the rights and remedies extended to railroad workers by the Federal Employees Liability Act (“FELA”). Thus the Jones Act and the FELA are two of the very few circumstances in which an employee can sue his employer for the negligence of the employer or the employee’s co-workers, and not be limited to inadequate workers’ compensation laws.