African-American and Political Correctness

A client recently remarked to me that he thought it was “illegal” to use the term negro, especially in reference to the President. I explained to him that it might be politically incorrect but it is certainly not illegal. That exchange led me to wonder why being called an African-American has become a racial description. Polish-Americans, Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans are not racial identities but rather geographical descriptions. So why now is it that some Americans feel that blacks must be referred to as African-American? Has political correctness brought us to the point we cannot even use geography to identify our heritages? Are we captive to political correctness in all matters? I cannot buy into that reasoning. The Congressional Black Caucus, The United Negro College Fund and the National Association for The Advancement of Colored People use those identities obviously to describe who they are not where they came from. It occurs to me that it may not be correct to refer to blacks as African-American. I know two persons, out of many thousands, that are white, naturalized U.S. Citizens that were born in South-Africa. In view of the race identity attached to African-American, what should I call them? They are certainly African-Americans, even more so than many black persons, but to call them such would be misleading in today’s politically correct society. President Barack Hussein Obama refers to himself as African-American. At the same time, he claims Hawaii as his birth state. His mother is Caucasian. His Father is actually of Arabic descent but born in Kenya.  Therefore, I believe we have a part-Negro, part-Caucasian President commonly called a Mullato, which in this culture may be a term perceived as pejorative depending on who is using it. The term is used here to make a point. There I go, apologizing for using a word that may offend someone. I guess I’ve been exposed to too much political correctness; maybe it’s an airborne virus or something. So, I could be wrong, but I am certain we do not have an African-American President. He should more aptly be called Arab-American if he wanted to identify a heritage. I’m also pretty sure that whites are Caucasians, not European-Americans and Blacks are Negroes and not African-Americans. It’s time to stop being politically correct and just be honest! Better yet, why don’t we just drop the hyphens and colors and geographical history and just be Americans! That’s my take; what’s yours?

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