Broken Immigration

My youngest son graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, Australia where he met his future wife. Before they were married she came to the United States but was required to have a paid, return airfare passage and could only stay six months before being required to leave the country according to U.S. Immigration law. And before she could enter the United States permanently she had to jump through a multitude of bureaucratic hoops. It took more than two years to obtain permanent residence status and then more to become a citizen. She is a teacher, as is my son, and a productive, valued citizen paying taxes. Compare her situation with the Mexican “migration”. Instead of enforcing existing immigration law and protecting our southern border, this administration encourages low life criminals and other bottom feeders seeking free hand-outs to enter our country illegally where they are rewarded with free medical care, welfare and housing. Most agree that the system is broken and want legislation to fix the problem. But the proposed legislation and Obama’s illegal executive orders do not fix it nor will Hillary Clinton’s promise to “fix” the problem with more executive orders. Legislation and orders are not the answer. The only way the problem will be fixed is to change the leadership in Washington and put in real, patriotic Americans that will close the border, deport illegals and enforce existing immigration law. Cheap labor is not a satisfactory set-off for crime and the billions of dollars paid out in tax dollars to maintain these freeloaders. That’s my take; what’s yours?

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  1. Paterna

    Your potinsg lays bare the truth

  2. Tony

    Good to find an expert who knows what he’s tainklg about!


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