Stolen Valor

The Stolen Valor Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2006. The law is designed to discourage persons from claiming and wearing unauthorized U.S. Military honors and decorations. It encompasses and broadens the provisions of existing Federal law regarding the unauthorized wearing of the Congressional Medal of Honor by prohibiting the unauthorized manufacture, sale or claim of right to all U.S. Military medals and decorations. It is now a federal misdemeanor to make false claims of valor, service or status in the U.S. Military. FBI statistics suggest that there are large numbers of people claiming to be former U.S. Seals and Special Forces. The successful recent rescue of a U.S. flagged vessel’s captain off the coast of Somalia may increase “Stolen Valor” by unscrupulous persons. It is our job as loyal U.S. citizens to help preserve the honors bestowed upon our men and women in uniform by reporting violations to law enforcement. If you see someone impersonating a soldier, call them out loud and clear in public so that others can hear! That’s my take; what’s yours?

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